Why is Anna Wintour Interesting?

Photo Credit: WSJ magazine for April 2011 issue, Urban Outfitters, Devil Wears Prada Movie, September Issue

This post is not about her biography or introduction.  If you don’t know who Anna Wintour is, google her right now because she is kinda major!  But what’s interesting is the reason why a lot of people is fascinated by her?  Wall Street Journal even had a recent article about her and a lot of repost, reactions re-twit have been made about it.

There is a saying that “If fashion were to be a religion, Anna is the pope.”  I guess that is right.  This woman is so powerful in American fashion that “she could create a Holiday from scratch.  Her biggest feat yet might be the shopping phenomenon that is Fashion’s Night Out, a huge-scale retail event she masterminded in 2009 in New York and made bigger last year to span the globe. She persuaded stores to host lavish parties mixing celebrities and shoppers, offer discounts and pour free champagne, then she nudged consumers to open their wallets despite the recession.” (source: http://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/2011/03/21/anna-wintour-powerful-create-new-holidays/)

Even Marc Jacobs said, “If I get a request for something I don’t want to do,” says Marc Jacobs, “first I get an email, then a phone call from someone at Vogue, and now I don’t even bother to say no—I know the next call is from her.” (Source http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052748704893604576200722939264658.html#ixzz1HyBkb9NO).

Personally, I think she’s fascinating because it shows how possible a woman can be powerful, influential and successful in this generation without needing to please or to smile at everyone.  Not that I am saying smiling is bad. I smile a lot myself and I love seeing people smile to me too but isn’t it fascinating how a person who appears to be cold and aloof can somehow still be likeable? She’s a walking contradictory full of mystery.  A lot of people wonder what’s going in her head or what is her next big idea.  Everyone is hungry to know and read more about her.  I think one of the bottom lines about her is that, she is a person who appears mysterious, quiet and casual but when she delivers result, she delivers them effectively and with thunder!  She’s all about possibility  and creativity.  Well, bob and sunglasses too for that matter! 🙂

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