Whole milk for Babies One Year and Older

Question: What milk would you recommend if my baby is one year or older?

Answer: First of all, I am not your pediatrician so always consult your doctor first if in doubt before following any of my recommendation 🙂 If you are done with breast feeding and ready to offer your child whole milk, I personally like Horizon Organic DHA Omega 3 whole milk for my child.   The name says it all!  I buy this at either Gelson’s or Ralph’s Supermarket and if you register on Horizonorganicdha website, you can get some free coupons!

“Horizon Organic milk is an excellent source of DHA Omega-3.  All the goodness of organic, plus an extra nutritional boost for growing minds and bodies.  Horizon Organic Milk Plus DHA Omega-3 is fortified with a natural, 100% vegetarian and sustainable source of DHA – a wholesome, delicious way to bring more of this vital nutrient into your family’s diet. (source: Horizonorganicdha.com)

What is DHA Omega 3?

DHA is a valuable nutrient that helps support the brain, heart and eyes. Health professionals agree that including DHA in the diet can have a positive impact at every stage of life.

Horizon™ is the only nationally branded organic milk with life’s DHA, a plant-based, 100% vegetarian and sustainable source of DHA Omega-3.  Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA) is a type of Omega-3 fatty acid, a nutrient that has been studied extensively in connection with heart, brain and eye health. Although it is found in most tissues throughout the body, the highest concentrations of DHA are in the brain, nervous system and the retina of the eye, and it helps support normal development in these areas. DHA has also been shown to help promote heart health and exists naturally in breast milk.
(source: Horizonorganicdha.com)

… and because all of these reasons I like Horizon Organic DHA products.

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