What’s Trending: Keurig Single Cup Brewers Makes Drinking Coffee Enjoyable

WHAT: Keurig Single Cup Brewing System

WHAT IS IT: Gone are the days that you waste away drinking coffee in the morning. Now comes a single-cup brewing system for gourmet coffee, tea, or cocoa. Depending on the model, it can have up to 3 different brew-size options and as for the variety of flavors, “K-Cup packs come in a range of varieties, flavored coffee, and roast and blend options. Keurig along with its parent company, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Inc., own and license a number of beverage brands offering more than 250 flavors packaged in K-Cup packs. Some of the flavors include tea, hot chocolate, lemonades and cider and other fruit flavors.” – Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Keurig

Photo Credit: Amazon.com

WHERE TO BUY: Amazon.com


– It’s more than a coffee maker. You can use it to heat water in very little time. You won’t need to use a kettle again!
– You can place your ground beans in the machine and make your own favorite coffee.
– Aesthetically pleasing in the kitchen!
– Super easy to use.
– No more wasting coffee away.
– Perfect for hosting parties. Easier to make a batch of coffee and great conversation starters!
– Expensive but worth it in the long term.
– More than just a trend, it’s for keeps. ┬áIt’s the new way to make coffee in the morning!

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