What's Fashionably Hot in Australia?

Photo Credit: Laura Bray http://wrinkleintimevintage.blogspot.com/

Name: Laura Bray
Location: Australia
Blog URL: http://wrinkleintimevintage.blogspot.com

Photo Credit: Laura Bray http://wrinkleintimevintage.blogspot.com/

What do you think is hot or popular in your country or location now? Because Australia is coming into winter we are all rugging up. I have noticed faux fur cropped jackets coming back into style with a vengance, they are EVERYWHERE!

How do you define your personal style: Lady of class with a hint of your eccentric grandma.

Photo Credit: Laura Bray http://wrinkleintimevintage.blogspot.com/

How do you define the (fashion) style in your country/current location: Australia honestly doesn’t have a certain style which I think is what makes it so great! The only thing that I think really defines Australian fashion is we are very supportive of our own brands. I don’t know ANY girls who can say they wear Chanel or Dior but I know tons that support local boutique designers such as Zimmermann, Ginger and Smart and Bec and Bridge.

Photo Credit: Zimmermann Wear.com

Photo Credit: Bec and Bridge, http://becandbridge.com.au/e-boutique/

Photo Credit: Ginger and Smart http://www.gingerandsmart.com/

Complete the following sentence…
If you want to see well-dress or fashionable people go to Melbourne or around Surry Hills way in Sydney. The people are here have such unique and interesting senses of style, so much fun to sit back with a coffee and just people watch.

Photo Credit: Laura Bray http://wrinkleintimevintage.blogspot.com/

My favorite fashion magazine is/are Vogue Australia or Frankie. Vogue because it is the quintessential fashion bible around the world, and Frankie because not only does it have gorgeous editorials but it has some really interesting articles

Photo Credit: Frankie Magazine (Australia)

My favorite fashion store is probably Dangerfield, not only do they have the cutest accessories but they stock a brand called Revival which specializes in vintage style dress. They have the most stunning 1950’s style dresses!

Photo Credit: http://dangerfield.com.au

Current favorite item(s) that I own isĀ my mum recently bought a vintage black faux fur collared jacket and I fell in love with it and promptly snuck it into my own wardrobe!

Photo Credit: Laura Bray http://wrinkleintimevintage.blogspot.com/

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    Gorgeous! Love your style!

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