What to Watch on DVD: Comme un Chef, a French Movie (with English subtitle)

WHAT: Comme Un Chef” or in English, “The Chef”. Released in 2012, Comme un Chef is a charming and funny movie about two chefs from different backgrounds tackling molecular gastronomy and keeping a Michelin star-rated restaurant.

WHY: Three main ingredients of the movie that make it an easy hit for me: It’s an enjoyable, light & fun French comedy. It’s about molecular gastronomy. The movie has excellent actors.

Above all reasons, I like that the movie gives some insights about molecular gastronomy, a modern style of cooking. The next “big thing” in cooking. It’s happening now here in the US and some parts of the world but it’s still rare and only the special few are caught up at this time.

Another interesting emphasis on the movie is the importance of keeping “stars” in a restaurant. For those who are not familiar, they are referring to the “Michelin Stars”, the hallmark of fine dining quality. A company that gives industry-standard “stars” to restaurants around the world.

WHERE TO WATCH: Available in DVD or Amazon Prime. This has English subtitle, click The Chef

So if you want to learn a little introduction about cooking trends watch this.

comme un chef

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