What to Buy When Visiting Sweden

Here are ten Swedish brands and ideas that you should consider getting when visiting Sweden, because they are not easily available in the US.

  1.  Haglofs – If you love challenging adventures and looking for high quality gear and clothing, check out Haglofs.  I personally like their Corker Medium Backpack.  It’s an innovative daypack with smart side opening and pocket for your water bottle.  
  2. Gaston Luga – One the best looking and functional backpacks I have ever seen.  My personal favorite is the Praper Navy & Brown. It has the minimalist, simplistic and elegant design that looks good in any situation.  Best of all, they ship free to the US!

    Gaston Luga Sweden

  3. Happy Socks – The name says it all!  It’s all about happy looking socks! A perfect gift or giveaway to friends and family.  Happy Socks’ “The Beatles Collector Box” is a must-have! 

    Happy Socks The Beatles Limited Edition

  4. Books at Junibacken -Visit Stockholm’s largest children’s bookstore and buy an Astrid Lindgren book!  Astrid Lindgren was a Swedish writer of fiction and screenplays best known for children’s book series featuring Pippi Longstocking, Emil i Lönneberga, Karlsson-on-the-Roof, and the Six Bullerby Children (Children of Noisy Village in the US), as well as other children’s fantasy novels.  I personally bought, “Who is Pippi Langstrumpf?” by by Astrid Lindgren, “Storybook Journey” by Astrid Lindgren & Marit Törnqvist  and “Norse Gods” by Johan Egerkrans all translated in English.  Norse Gods is one of the most coveted books of 2016 in the US but still hard to find.  

    Junibacken books

  5. Swedish Soft Cheese with Shrimp – I first noticed this at the continental breakfast offered by the hotel where we stayed in placed next to hard broiled eggs and they are available in most local groceries.  The common brands I saw were “Rakost” and “Kalles” and they appear to be available in many flavors.  
  6. Swedish Herring – This is semi-preserved goods that should be kept cold but can survive airplane flights’ temperatures without a problem.  Usually available at the airport Duty Free stores.
  7. Marabou chocolate – Marabou is a Swedish chocolate brand.  You can buy them in grocery stores or at the airport Duty Free stores.
  8. A Cheese Slicer – The cheese slicer, even though it wasn’t a Swede who invented it, is a very common tool in Sweden.  They don’t use knives to cut their cheese but a proper cheese slicer!
  9. Acne Studios Clothes – Besides H&M, there is Acne Studios that you could also take home for some jeans and day-wear.
  10. Lingonberry Jam – Very common as a side dish in Swedish meals or sometimes as a drink.  When we stayed at the Ice Hotel, they offered us a warm Lingonberry juice.  It tastes like cranberry but not as sweet.