Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner that Really Stays On – Plus other great eyeliner tips!

Lining the eyes is a surefire way to draw attention to your stare. Nowadays we have lots of options to do that by using a pencil, powder, liquid or gel eyeliners. For now let’s focus on Liquid Eye Liners.

There are a lot of options for the best waterproof liquid eye liner but if you ask me what I use, I’ve been loyal to Milani Infinite Liquid Eye Liner because it really lasts up to 24 hours (or sometimes a little more)! I use number 5 or Everlast (Super Black) and it’s only between $5 to $6 on Target, CVS or other drugstores. It has a thin and precise applicator brush and is water proof. It stays on so well that you will struggle to take it off unless you use an oil based make-up remover or believe it or not, baby wipes! (read related article here).

Photo Credit: Milani Cosmetics website

Another product that has good reviews is MAC Liquid Last Liner – Available in MAC stores or Beauty Encounter.com. Beauty Encounter currently offers 5% discount off your purchase (deadline 10/31/11). Click below.

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Here are other great beauty tips about liquid eye liners:
(Source: Crazy Busy Beautiful: Beauty Secrets for Getting Gorgeous Fast by Carmindy)

– If you feeling glamorous, extend your eyeliner just past the outer corner of the top lid, as if you were creating a last eyelash. This elongates your eyes and punches up the drama.
– To hide the seam of false eye lashes, paint over it with black liquid eye liner.
– Teens should skip very dark black and gray liners. They look too harsh and heavy. Stick with natural browns and fun shades like purple, teal, blue, or metallics for weekends.
– Switch up your eyeliner shades as you age. Black tends to look a bit harsh. Opt instead for s soft slate or brown.
– If your eyes are small, keep your eyeliner line as thin as close to the roots as possible.
– With petite peepers, avoid rimming the insides of the yes.
– If your eyes are large, feel free to draw on a thicker line of eyeliner.
– If you have deep-set eyes. Steer clear of heavy black eyeliner. Choose lighter colors like brown or green to bring out those bedroom eyes.
– Waterproof eyeliners in fun colors like blue or teal look great during the summer. Plus they won’t slip off in humid weather.

Try the Opposite Attract techniques:
– To make “green eyes” really sparkle apply a plum liner.
– For radiant “blue eyes” try a brown liner.
– For intensity “brown eyes“, try navy liner along the upper lash line.
– “Hazel eyes” look golden when you apply forest, jade or green liner along the upper lash line
– A smudge of chocolate brown liner along the upper lash line as close to the root as possible looks great on everyone.

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