Want to get into fashion business? Read our Exclusive Interview with Fashion Designer, Armine!

If you aspire to be a fashion designer I highly recommend that you read this interview from beginning to the end! We got the exclusive interview with celebrity fashion designer, Armine who generously shared some inspirational and informative tips in becoming a successful fashion designer.

Photo Credit: Michael Deliguin

12242 Ventura Blvd
Studio City, CA 91604
Tel: 818.505.9064

Me: How long have you been designing?
Armine: Since I can remember, I have always loved color and texture.  As a young child, I had  very strong opinions about my outfits, so I designed them and my grandmother made them for me. Until one day, when I was ten or eleven years old, she let me use her sewing machine.  That’s when it started.  After graduating high school, I got a job at a fashion house in Yerevan, Armenia, and continued my education in fine arts and painting. I never thought of becoming a designer until I moved to the United States and attended FIDM in Los Angeles.

Photo Credit: Michael Deliguin

Me:  When did you open R-Mine boutique?
Armine: After graduating from FIDM, I took a job as assistant designer in a small fashion house in Beverly Hills, CA for five years.  I stopped working full time after my first daughter’s birth. I then started doing a lot of part time freelance work.  It was about 15 years ago that I decided to open R-mine boutique in Glendale, CA.  After a couple years, I opened my second location in Studio City, CA.  Four years ago, I closed the Glendale location, so I can focus all of my attention in Studio City.

Me: Can you name some of your celebrity clients?
Armine: I have worked with Kendra Wilkinson, America Olivo, Kathrine McPhee and Shamicka Gibbs to name a few.  I have also had a chance to work with brides whose weddings are featured in wedding reality shows. My last bride was Samantha Gillman. Her wedding was the first episode of Tori Spelling’s new reality show “sTORIbook Weddings” on the Oxygen Channel. There are more shows for different networks that are going to be aired that we cannot mention until the air date.

Photo Credit: Michael Deliguin

Me: Are they all R-mine designs?
Armine: Yes! Through the years most of the brides I work with want something very unique. They come with a lot of cut-outs from magazines and there is something they like something from each dress. The other question I always get is, “how many of that same dress has been sold?”  This is not to say that all the brides can’t find their perfect dress in ready to order bridal designs, but for the ones that can’t find their dream dress, I advise them to custom design one. After talking to my brides and seeing the bits and pieces of what they like, I design a dress that fits their personality. Every bride gets a cotton fabric fitting. That is when we can change a neckline, drop or raise waistline, and any other changes we need to do.  All of my clients save on alterations, because they get the dress custom fitted exactly to their body.

Photo Credit: Michael Deliguin

Me: I remember on my own wedding, I had to compromise with a ready to order gown.  What would you recommend to brides in that situation?
Armine: As I stated before, custom designed gowns have an advantage over ready to order gowns because the gown is designed to fit their exact body type and personality.  I work with each and every bride to make sure they get the dress of their dreams for that special day. With a custom designed gown, you don’t have to compromise at all.

Photo Credit: Michael Deliguin

Me: How long does it take to create a dress?
Armine: It usually takes 8 months to a year to custom design and make a dress.  There have been cases where we have created a dress in one to two weeks using fabrics that are available for use right away.  We’ve done that for TV shows and for last minute brides.  I obviously would not recommend that to any bride as the price of the gown will be more expensive due to the rush.

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