How to Use Your Regular TV as Monitor to your Ipad or Iphone

WHAT:  Ever wanted to use your regular TV as an output to your iPhone or iPad?  Just imagine how you can show photos, videos or just about anything and everything from your iPhone or iPad to your friends and family through your regular TV screen!  All you need to do is get Apple TV for only $99 without monthly fees!  I am not affiliated with Apple. I just love this product!

WHY:  I have an Apple TV at home and this is one of the best inventions yet.  I can now show photos, videos, demo some apps and more using my regular TV.  I watch a lot of Korean dramas (using VIKI app for, OK and now I don’t have to suffer watching on my computer or in my small screen via my iPhone!  Through Apple TV you can now also use it as an internet browser if you like!

GOT APPLE TV, IPHONE OR IPAD?  HERE’S HOW TO SET IT UP:  Click here for instruction


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