UK Fashion Find: Elephtheria. Ideas for Summer Collection!

Elephtheria’s summer collection is a breath of fresh air, with its array of flowers dominating the garments. Each piece has its own identity and yearns to stand out from the crowd. The floral displays look bright and inviting against their dark counterparts, capturing your attention.

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With a subtle pastel palette for some and a darker hue for others this collection appeals to customers with far and wide tastes. From all over floral to the smallest added details each piece has its own identity and agenda whilst holding the range together. Not one piece looks exactly the same and yet none look out of place.

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This designer is offering you the chance to own a piece of fashion that is inspiring and unique. With her individual approach to design, combining elements from different eras to create something in a world of its own, she provides more than just a garment it is a statement of fashion in itself. Each piece is exquisitely crafted to make sure that you feel as good as you look in your clothes.

Elephtheria clothes bring with them a lot of her ethos and creativity whilst maintaining an air of remoteness that allows all different individuals to easy take on a piece and make it their own. This collection takes all the best bits from the past and matches them perfectly with new fashion crafts and limited edition printed fabrics.

Beautiful, delicate pieces that will envelope your body making them a joy to wear. These garments are easy to wear for anyone who wants them, their mass appeal is something to be admired and will make anyone who wears them feel gorgeous.

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The vintage inspirations merged with modern designs create a look that is bold and innovative. However bold you feel with your prints there is something in there for you, no one is left out with this collection Elephtheria have thought about you all and wants you all to enjoy her designs. The fabric alone is impeccable and what she does with it as a designer simply completes the package. This collection is simple and effective and will surely create a following this season.

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