Twelve Best Unique and Fun Wedding Cake Toppers

Since it’s July and it’s one of the best time of the year to get married, let’s talk about wedding cake toppers! A wedding cake topper is one of the best representations of the marrying couple on their wedding day. It can tell a story about the couple or reveal the type of personalities of the bride and groom.

Choosing the best wedding cake topper is relative to the couple. There isn’t one cake topper that fits all so finding the right cake topper could be sometimes complicated and somewhat hard. Not only that there are so many styles to choose from but it could also be time-consuming to find the best, most-fitting and unique wedding cake topper.

When choosing the perfect wedding cake topper I like things that are:

1. Unique
2. Fun
3. Could be a piece of conversation at the party
4. Classic
5. Will keep forever
6. Affordable
7. Most-fitting (something that relates to the bride/groom)

Here my ten best fun and unique wedding cake toppers:

1. Weddingstar The Look of Love Bride and Groom Couple Figurine for Cakes











2. Weddingstar Picture Perfect Couple Figurine











3. Weddingstar A Romantic Dip Dancing Bride and Groom Couple Figurine for Cakes











4. Wilton Oh No You Don’t Humorous Cake Topper











5. Weddingstar The Love Pinch Bridal Couple Figurine, Caucasian Couple











6. “Hooked on Love” Groom Figurine and “Bride Reaching For Her Star” Figurine











7. Weddingstar Playful Football Wedding Couple Figurine











8. Romance Couple Wedding Cake Toppers











9. Weddingstar A Cinderella Moment Figurine











10. Weddingstar Expecting Bridal Couple Figurine











11. Still Shopping Wedding Cake Topper











12. Wilton Ball and Chain Humorous Cake Topper











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