How to Turn a Target Dress Into Something That Looks Like a Million Bucks (Part 1)

It’s hard to find fabulous clothes when you’re pregnant. Apparently, the styles are limited and mostly are safe and boring. So I decided to go to Target recently to check out what they have hoping to find something with classic style and basic cut so that I could turn them into something fabulous.

1. So first I picked this plain white, cotton striped dress. What I like about this nautical dress is that it is timeless. It is something I could wear now while I’m pregnant and something I could wear easily after pregnancy. This will be so easy to style. You can wear it as is or cinch a belt to achieve some curves.

Target merona stripe dress

nautical stripe dress from Target

2. I pulled out one of my old and broken Betsey Johnson jewelry pieces that I’ve been keeping in my closet for years. Betsey Johnson Jewelry (click the link for more info) has lots of amazing unique pieces.

Betsey Johnson accessories target

Betsey Johnson charm necklace and target dress merona

3. I fix/put together the broken jewelry pieces by using pliers and E6000® Glue. This E6000® Glue can glue just about anything! I highly recommend this over other glues. It works with glass, fabric, wood, etc.

Hagerty Jewelry Cleaner Betsey Johnson accessories

4. After the glue was dried, I cleaned the jewelry with Hagerty Jewelry Cleaner. (Click the link to get more info on

Hagerty Jewelry Cleaner Betsey Johnson accessories

5. Then finally I sew it on with regular white thread and a small needle and attached the yellow flower with small safety pins.

Merona Dress modified with Betsey Johnson Accessories

Target Merona Dress modified with Betsey Johnson Accessories

Then voila! I finished it in an hour or two and I got a modified and fabulous nautical dress!

The dress is way prettier in person because the accessories are bold, more colorful and chunky. So unique. It works perfectly as maternity wear because it is comfy and I fit well in it. Even if you are not pregnant this would look easily awesome too! Perfect for casual days or as work clothes.

Check out the other dress I modified in part 2!

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