Treadmill or Elliptical? – Which One is Better?

In terms of burning fat and shedding weight, both the treadmill and elliptical exercise machine help you get an excellent workout.  The treadmill reigns supreme among cardio machines while the elliptical cross trainer could be an excellent challenger.

The treadmill will assist you to burn much more calories, but the elliptical promises you a smoother ride while burning fat also. Your decision concerning workout machine depends on your personal comfort and level of fitness.  Treadmills are more invigorating for running, while ellipticals are lower impact.

A treadmill burns more fat  while you have to work out longer in an elliptical in order to burn the same amount of calories.

An elliptical tends to be more versatile because you can do some cross training rather than just walking or jogging. You can contain your whole body workout to burn fat. While the elliptical wouldn’t burn as much fat as the treadmill, the elliptical exercise machine has the advantage because it involves the upper and additionally lower body.

If you’re training to for a marathon for example, obviously the treadmill is a more favored device to use for exercise but if you suffering from joint problems or arthritis you can exercise on an elliptical because there’s less impact.

Those who have concerns about joint injury would prefer to use an elliptical exercise machine, since the device causes insignificant effect on knees and ankles. Treadmills put strain on joints every time your foot hits the running surface. You may also be more likely to fall when using a treadmill than an elliptical. Elliptical trainers have handle bars you can hold while moving your legs throughout on the elliptical master pedals. You certainly will develop better posture running an elliptical machine if you exercise regularly. A major disadvantage of the elliptical trainer versus the treadmill is the fact that pace of the elliptical is user driven. The operator sets the pace in the elliptical machine. On the actual treadmill, the individual must keep pace while using the machine. If you are motivated and prepared to push yourself to burn more fat, you possibly will not get the perfect fat burning workout utilizing an elliptical machine.

This gives the treadmill the advantage for fat burning. You have to work out longer in order to burn the same amount of calories you burn on a treadmill.

So my recommendation if you can have one piece of equipment at home, you’re better off with an elliptical because you’re using more muscles during the exercise, as long as you make sure to use the arm movement. The more major muscle groups you use doing an exercise, the more overall calories you will burn during the session.  Also, a treadmill requires more space at home.   You can use a folding treadmill but it’s overwhelming to keep folding and unfolding it for every use.


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