Top Three Churches to Get Married or Take Engagement Photos in the Philippines

Recommendation of the Day:  Nuestra Senora, Saint James and Saint Therese as top three choices of John Mateos Ong to get married or take engagement photos in the Philippines.

John Mateos Ong has been a professional wedding photographer in the Philippines since 2003 who started Imagine Nation Photography and have trained dozens of wedding photographers, many of whom are making a name of their own.

When I asked him what are his top three recommended places to take pictures for a wedding or shoot engagement photos, here’s what he had to say.

“Nuestra Senora – This church is used by popular movies such as Mulawin because it is really nice.  I love the stairs in front of the church.  The church fits around 300 probably and the outside of the church is very picturesque as you can see here.

St. James is a bit modern but i like the interior.  It is air conditioned, has high ceiling plus the altar is made of gold and it literally glows in the picture.  The church is situated in the posh Ayala Alabang Subdivision.

St Therese is very modern looking and definitely designed by a creative architect.  I love how the church is plain white and how light just falls on people.  When we shoot at this church we dont even need to set-up lights. This adds to be beauty of the pictures inside as there is no clutter.”
All Photos are courtesy of John Mateos Ong, Image Nation Photography

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  1. alona
    October 22, 2010 at 5:27 PM

    kalbo and i luv the Caleruega Church in Batangas….

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