Top Five Fun and Effective Xbox360 Exercise Video Games

What are the other alternatives for people who don’t enjoy running on a┬átreadmill, can’t go to the gym or can’t simply leave the house because of the weather or kids? Of course, there’s the xbox360 exercise games!

Here are five fun, effective and top rated fitness games for xbox!

1. Your Shape Fitness Evolved 2012.

Your Shape Fitness Evolved 2012 combines many workout routines and activities into one disc. Perfect for people with busy work schedules and hour-long commute. With this, you can exercise any time you want at your own privacy, save yourself some money from enrolling to the gym, save you money from buying large equipment that maybe you’ll rarely use. With this, you may also learn dance/exercise routines and even yoga.





2.Kinect Sports.

What Others Have to Say…

“Kinect Sports is the Kinect’s version of Wii Sports and it is one of the games you should have for the Kinect. If you’re looking for a modern version of Wii Sports, Kinect Sports is just awesome. I loved Wii Sports to death. The key difference is that you will definitely move around in Kinect Sports like no other game. For example, you can be literally diving toward the ball in volleyball or jumping in the air to perform a spike smash. I have not sweated like this in a long time. You can’t just reach out with your arm and be successful in any of these events. It’s absolutely a great party game and not only does it have great single and multiplayer for a party, it has online play so you can take your athletic skills to the Internet.

Note that you should clear space so you don’t hurt yourself. I thought I moved the table away far enough but when I dived for a ball, I banged my shin against the table.” – source: customer feedback page

3. Dance Central.

What Others Have to Say…

“I can’t dance… no seriously, I can’t. That said, I have a lot of friend who love to go to clubs and love dancing. So I figured what the heck, I will give it a try.

This game ROCKS! It is one of the funnest games I have ever played. Let me break it down for you.

1) Anyone can play. The game teaches you the dance moves. Then it gives you some practice trys. Then you get to “Perform”.
2) The game gives really good feedback. When you miss a move, it shows you which part of your body wasn’t moving right by outlining it in red.
3) The tracks are pretty good. There is a lot of music you would hear at clubs today and some that you haven’t heard for a while.
4) The sound and visuals are pretty cool. I thought I would get bored listening to track during practice, but you really don’t because you are concentrating on what is happening on screen.
5) Watching your friends play this is AWESOME. If they are good dancers (particularly hip-hop) it is a great way for them to perform. If they are not good dancers… well it is fun to watch them pretend.

1) You are going to need a lot of space. That should go without saying (this is a dance game).
2) Don’t let your friends record you playing this game and then post it on youtube.

If you have a Kinect, you must buy this game.” – Source customer feedback page

4. Zumba Fitness Rush

What Others Have to Say…

“I Zumba at a studio at least 2-3 times a week and this Zumba game is an amazing comperable experience. The game does a great job of breaking the moves down, but also allows advanced Zumba dancers to jump right in and get dancing. There are tons of new songs, new moves, and great graphics. If you Zumba you know you will work up quite the sweat all the while keeping a huge simpe on your face. Unlike the old game they dont have super long breaks between songs, so you keep your heart rate up your workout going. I’m so incredibly sore, and sweaty after I do this game – and feel i can trade the gym off with this game a few times a week. I also noticed if your are doing the opposite/wrong move, the camera focuses on that spot so you can view it from several angles.

I also own dance central 1/2 as well as just dance 3 and this is way more fun and a better workout. I’ve even had some friends over to play this game with me and the dancing side-by-side scoring is accurate and easy for both people to use.

This game is fantastic! Best Fitness Game on Xbox – Really what are you waiting for BUY it!” – source: customer feedback page

5. Just Dance 2

What Others Have to Say…
“I’m disabled, I’m overweight, and I have nothing but medications fighting me against being in shape. I didn’t have much hope in using a video game to get thinner. But, since I tried this one, I lost six pounds in less than 30 days, (of workout time- six weeks of normal time). It may not be earth shattering news for those who are losing 5 lbs a week, but for a gal who uses a wheelchair? Huge! The dog spends a lot of time trying to figure out what I’m doing waving around and screaming tunes off key. As he tries to howl along, I discover that I need to change a shirt drenched with leftover chubbiness. It’s almost a perfect end to the day. (Perfect would be realizing that I’m back to a 3/4 like I was before being on prednisone.) My husband thinks my mood is improving. (What does HE know? ­čśë ) I kind of see that too.

So about the game… Everyone will say, it’s not a game of great instruction. That’s true. It’s not like Gold’s Gym Dance where you have an option of using two remotes to feel like you’re accomplishing much. It also doesn’t confuse you like an out of sync avatar that program has. You don’t have a snarky Wii-Board giving you comments about how overweight you are. That’s a relief. What you do have is music that reminds you what it was like to have your life on rollerskates, or dancing at your first school dance. It is bouncy, fun, and you can add more from the Just Dance store. I got to hear music I never would, including Techno and some Latin stuff. That is fun, too. So I am excited in hearing new music, and feeling younger by proxy. But the best part is, I can move my arms, sway a bit, and suddenly I have an hour of “exercise” under my belt. It’s not feeling like that. It’s feeling like ‘Oh I’m a grown-up who gets recess? Cool!’

Do you have to have working legs? No. It helps to be able to do much of the steps, of course, but your arms moving can build up a bit of cardio. Do you have to have working arms? It would help to use the remote, but you can strap the remote to your hips, and wiggle about using the guides and still get some sweating done. OR you can even invite friends or family to join you and have friendly goofy competitive bouncing. It doesn’t matter. It just makes you play like a kid again. Why not? Why do we have to be all serious and evil when we play games like FPS, or RPG’s. Why not have some fun, turn off the IRS, the telephones, bill collectors, and just enjoy a few minutes a day? That’s what this game is great for- and that’s why I keep at it. If you’re 84, like my Father-in-Law or your 46, like me, you can still enjoy feeling 20.

I look forward buying the older version, the kids version, and even the Broadway version if it means I can have this much fun.” – Source: customer feedback

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