Top Fashion Magazines in Japan

After writing so much about fashion and lifestyle in Europe and my homeland, the United States, now it’s about time to look elsewhere and check out Asia!

Here are my top five big fashion magazines in Japan!

  • ViVi
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    ViVi Magazine is a popular Japanese magazine for young women in their teens in twenties. The magazine is published by Kodansha and focuses on young women who tend to follow the common, popular trends in the market place. ViVi magazine currently enjoys a circulation of more than 450,000. The magazine’s circulation rate has been steadily rising as it spreads out, adding more pages and covering additional styles for an older demographic.” Source:

  • CanCam
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    “CanCam Magazine is a Japanese fashion Magazine targeting school age girls and young women. The magazine is published by Shogakukan and the name roughly translates to “I Can Campus”, alluding to the perception that the magazine’s readers will become leaders on their school’s campus in the many areas that office ladies and university students seek such advice. The magazine carries information about fashion design, current trends and labels, makeup, accessories, and beauty tips, and a variety of interviews and articles targeting this highly valued demographic.” Source:

  • JJ
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    “JJ is a fashion and lifestyle magazine published in Japan by Kobunsha. It was the earliest established women’s magazine for college students in Japan, being established in 1975 as an extra issue of weekly Josei Jishin. JJ is currently popular among young Japanese women. Most readers of JJ are between 17 to 26, included college students and office workers. JJ advises its readers to dress conservatively, now and then. It uses many professional fashion models, however, they are not necessarily models under exclusive contract with JJ. Ryoko Tanami is a typical JJ model; she has frequently featured in Classy, a version of JJ for older readers. (for women aged between 24 to 28)” Source:

  • Ray
  • Photo Credit: Ray Japanese Fashion Magazine on Facebook

    “Ray Li is a fashion magazine published in Beijing, China with regional offices in Guangzhou and Shanghai, catering to affluent urban women in their twenties and thirties. Most of the articles are from Japanese fashion magazines, with local advertisement, selling mostly Western (some Korean and Japanese) merchandise. At the moment there are 3 versions of the magazine, each designed for specific age groups. One for women in their 20’s, one for women in their 30’s and a high fashion version.” Source:

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    “SWEET is one of the best selling fashion magazines in Japan was the starter. Watanaba-san, the chief editor of Sweet magazine has increased its sales from 200,000 copies in 2007 to 700,000 copies in 2009, thanks to the freebie strategy.” Source:

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