Top 5 Gorgeous Catholic Churches to get Married in Los Angeles

Photo Credit: Photogenico (Our official wedding photographer) ; Church on picture:  Saint Monica church

Tip: Most Catholic church I inquired require that at least one of the person who is getting married must be a registered parishioner for a minimum number of months up to 1 year.  If you do not live within the parish boundaries and are not a registered member of the parish, they give priority to active and registered parishioners.

Here are my top five gorgeous Catholic churches to get married in Los Angeles in random order.

1.  Saint Monica Catholic Church, Santa Monica, California. – Classy, gorgeous, organized, ample parking area, by the beach and the most lively church I’ve ever been.  Church to most Hollywood celebrities too!

2.  Saint Brendan,  Mid-Wilshire, Los Angeles – The interior is by far gorgeous with its stained glass windows.  Parking space is limited but St. Brendan’s gothic structure has proved a popular setting for lots of movie productions.

3. Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels, Downtown, Los Angeles – The only cathedral that comes to mind if you are looking for one in LA., although this is not your typical Roman Catholic cathedral due to its contemporary architectural design, it is very spacious and has lots of parking space.

4.  Saint Victor church, West Hollywood – This is one hidden gorgeous church in  the west side.  Small compare to other churches yet it has lots of parking spaces at the back.  When you enter the church it gives you right away that solemn, serene and romantic feeling.  When I visited this church, I remember the altar (and mostly everywhere) filled with large gorgeous white roses.  If you want a small yet intimate church setting, this one is one of my top favorite churches.

5.  San Gabriel Mission, San Gabriel – This is in my list for its longest and historical architecture among all other churches I know in LA county.  The garden is also beautiful and it is a mission worth visiting.

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