Today’s Recommendation: Yoplait Frozen Smoothie, so good!

As a busy mom I’m always on the look out for an easy and convenient way to get in some extra nutrition available at home.  Then I found this Yoplait Frozen Smoothie Triple Betty at Costco.  Maybe not the best for super health food conscious but I have to say that it tastes so good!  Really, it’s awesome.    It’s a healthier alternative than candy, chips or other junk food for kids at least!

– Excellent Source of Antioxidant Vitamin C made with natural fruit live and active culture

– Gluten Free

– Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and frozen yogurt pieces per pack.

– One full serving of fruit

– 70 calories per package or 110 prepared

*source: Package.

And it is also easy to make.  Just put in the blender and add milk!  It’s an instant favorite and a sure hit with kids!

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