Solution to Accommodating Guests Without an Extra Bed

Request: A friend of mine is staying over for the weekend but we don’t have an extra bed to provide.  Sleeping in the couch is not an option.  We are thinking of buying an air mattress but we don’t know which one to get.  What would you recommend?

Recommendation:  I would recommend getting specifically a “raised” air mattress than a regular air mattress so that you could mimic as closely as possible the comfort of a regular bed.  This would give your guest the most pleasant experience and satisfying accommodation.  Besides its comfort, it is very convenient and easy to use.

airbed mattress

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Whether you are expecting company or going away yourself, this comfortable and convenient inflatable bed is the perfect solution. Its plush, velvety sleep surface and extra plush pillow design will provide a good night’s rest and its control wand provides seven preset memory firmness settings for a customized feel”

I find this raised Aerobed very reliable, durable and comfortable and we can be ready anytime!

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