Today's Recommendation: NKOTBSB

Calling all moms! Oh, I mean, ladies of my generation… If you ever missed an opportunity to watch NKOTB in concert (Yes, New Kids On the Block) and BSB (Backstreet Boys) during your younger years, here is your chance!!!  Take a break from watching Yo Gaba Gaba, grab your girl friends and do it for old time’s sake!  Treat yourself to… NKOTB concert back to back with Backstreet Boys on summer of 2011!

C’mon! I know you bought Tiger Beat and BOP just to get a life size poster of at least one of them or had that cassette tape of Hangin’ Tough now resting in the museum!

Here’s the link to the tour dates!

So, tell me… which member you had a huge crush on?  No, no.  Don’t tell me it’s Brandon Walsh. He was also popular in the 90’s but that was Beverly Hills 90210 😀

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