Today's Recommendation: Healthy Weight Loss Drink You Can buy in Grocery Stores

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The new healthy weight loss drink I like and discovered recently from a grocery store (Gelson’s) is Neuro Trim.  It’s a drink that makes you feel full so you don’t need to eat a lot!  It’s not like your taking medicine or anything like that!  You can find this right off the shelves usually besides Gatorade, Pepsi, Coke, etc., somewhere very accessible.  It’s not like your buying from those locked shelves or pharmacy, you know and of course there’s nothing more real than just eating less, choosing healthy food and exercising a lot as we all know.

So what is Neuro Trim? (Source:

“NeuroTrim™ is a delicious drink designed to promote weight loss. It could well be the most effective weight management tool on the market. The key ingredient, LuraLean, is a unique, proprietary, 300-year old Japanese fiber derived from the konjac root and activated upon consumption. The konjac fiber temporarily swells to more than 200 times its actual size upon consumption, sending signals to the brain that it is satisfied. LuraLean also absorbs fats and oils, before they’re absorbed by the body, and promotes healthy regularity and improved digestive health. Over 20 clinical trials demonstrated the safety and effectiveness of this ingredient for weight loss. “One gram” of this special fiber (contained in each bottle) is the equivalent of consuming 20 grams of regular fiber. The ingredient L-Carnitine aids in burning fat, which also promotes weight loss and helps achieve a leaner you.”

The taste is not the best.  For me it tastes like lychee but it’s not bad or gross and I feel good after that.  It’s actually a product I think that is true to what they promote!

Again you can buy this at major grocery stores, from their website or

By the way I want to remind everyone that I am a blogger not a doctor.  This drink I discovered is not meant for long-term solution weight loss, my statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Always consult your doctor when in doubt not me 🙂

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