Tip for Convenience: Access Your Internet Bookmarks on any Computers!

Request: I use a total of 3 computers.  1 personal laptop, 1 home computer and 1 work computer and I want to conveniently access my internet bookmarks from any of these computers.  Is there a way to synchronize my bookmarks on all three machines so no matter what computer I use, I can easily access, save or modify my bookmarks and it will automatically update them all at the same time?

Recommendation: Yes!  There are so many bookmark synchronization services available on the web but what I personally use is XMarks.  You download and install a little piece of software on each of your computer, create an account once and voila, it will automatically sync all of your bookmarks from any machines you choose that has internet access.  It is compatible with most computer browsers such as Firefox, IE, MAC OS X (Leopard), MAC OS X (Snow leopard) and Google Chrome (source: Xmarks.com download page).

I love it!  It is so convenient and easy to install!  You set it once and you forget about it.  It just works!

Photo Credit: xmarks.com

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