Three New Snacks to Like this 2015!

WHAT: There are three new snacks or candy I like.  One has only three ingredients. Coconut, sugar and salt.  And it is….Maui&Sons Coconut Chips


  • Lightly Roasted & Crunchy Coconut Chips
  • Gluten & Dairy Free
  • NO GMO, Never Fried & No Preservatives
  • Vegan & No Cholesterol
  • All Natural

WHERE TO BUY:   I bought my box of Coconut chips from eBay Seller moti3485638. This seller is excellent. I emailed him after I purchased that I will need the chips on or before April 15. I was worried that it won’t make it on time. But since he lives locally, I was surprised that he went out of his way to personally deliver the box to me first thing in the morning and next day after purchase! How awesome was that?! So I recommend this seller. Very hardworking, fast and friendly.

But if you have no eBay account, you can buy this online at

maui and sons coconut chips lyndt chocolate ice breakers duo

WHAT: The second snack I like happens to be a chocolate! What else could it be but the new Lindt HELLO Chocolate Bar, Cookies and Cream
The packaging is very nice. It adds to the appeal of the chocolate. It tastes good too! It’s irresistibly smooth melting milk chocolate, enticingly creamy filling with crunchy cookie pieces. Made in Germany.

WHERE TO BUY: Here’s the link to Ice Breakers Duo on

WHAT: Last but not the least… is Ice Breakers Duo Dispenser Pack, Watermelon. What you see in the picture is strawberry but my favorite is “watermelon”. The Target store I went to was sold out of watermelon so I settled for strawberry. I have yet to find out if it’s as good as better than my favorite but this candy is definitely addicting. Once you try the watermelon, you can never stop!!!

WHERE TO BUY: Click the link below to purchase

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