Thermal Spring Water Could be the Answer to Your Beauty Problems

You may think that this is just simply water in a can. But this thermal spring water by Avene could be the answer to your many beauty problems.

It improved the skin of all the people I know who have used it including me!

I received it as a gift and that’s how I discovered it. One of my best friends gave it to me. She highly recommended it and swears by it. She said, “just try it and it will improve your skin!”

So I did and soon enough I’m sold.

Avene Thermal Water

Avene Thermal Water

Then I also found another friend who was also using Avene. She said that Avene is the only product that helps her control her rosacea.

I have good and clear skin to begin with. But this product adds glow to my skin. I use it many times in a day. After shower, before putting on make up, whenever it’s hot…just about anytime I wanted to. Then I noticed that after just a few weeks my skin glows, looks more supple and hydrated.  It generally looks much more healthier.

I love this product!

Suggestions for use:

  • To make it more effective, use it more than once a day.
  • I prefer to use the 50ml travel size so that I can keep one in my purse, at work and at home.
  • You may use it before and after putting on make up.  It helps absorb the make up better without messing it up.
  • Use it after shower.
  • Use it whenever the weather is hot.  It gives instant humidity and hydrates your face well.
  • Great companion during long flights.  An instant refresher.
  • When you don’t feel well (nausea, rashes, itchiness, etc.)
  • Post surgery
  • Post procedure
  • Redness-prone skin/inflammation
  • Allergic reactions, sensitive skin, irritation
  • Burning, stinging, itching and tingling.

More information can be found on Avene’s website

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