The Place to Be for Halloween 2010 (Best for Adults)

Request: Where should we go for Halloween?  We are visiting Los Angeles this weekend.

Recommendation: If you are in Los Angeles, you should definitely go to the West Hollywood Halloween Carnival and bring your camera!

Photo Source: City of West Hollywood website

It is one of the world’s most creative, outrageous and original Halloween celebrations (source: West Hollywood website and I personally agree most especially for being ORIGINAL).  If you haven’t been in West Hollywood for Halloween, you haven’t been to a real Halloween party!

It’s a street Halloween party usually with several stages, programs and concerts.  It’s not about being scary but it’s about being creative, open minded and having fun! By the way, the event is free.

I just want to warn you that some costumes may not be  suitable for kids and it can be too crowded to bring in strollers.  They have Halloween Youth Carnival from 3-6PM then after that, the real fun begins!  I saw some people before who still bring in their children but I personally would not take my own kid until he understands the concept of Halloween because it takes such open mind to know what’s going on.

“Open-mind” is an understatement  but I really mean it!  You’ll see what I mean when you go there!  You’ll be surprised as to what you may see, hear and meet!  Most people who celebrate there take effort to look fun and outrageous.  They just don’t show up with lame ideas!  Just imagine taking “Hollywood” ideas out on the streets of West Hollywood.

Come as early as 4PM and take a carpool to get a good parking.  It goes on ’till dawn!  You’ll see the most creative and talented people all over the world wearing their costumes.  Definitely a place to be for Halloween every year!

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    Who have been to West Hollywood for Halloween?

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