Ten Topics That Turn Men Off on a First Date

  1. Marriage plans and wedding expectations.  It’s only the first date, remember?! Goals, dreams and ambitions are OK.
  2. Topics about your ex-husband or ex-boyfriends and why the relationships did not work.  Stop comparing and thinking about your exes when in front of a new date.  This is your opportunity to know this new person.  Give your best shot and enjoy the moment of your first date!
  3. Religion.  Religion is an important topic but this may lead to major debating and arguing when meeting a person on a first date.  Discuss religion in a general way.  This is easier and much more comfortable to discuss with when you know the person more.
  4. Politics, like religion, can be a serious subject that is best to be avoided on the first date, especially if you have completely different views.
  5. You can talk about your family but not about your family drama.  If you have crazy family members or relatives, do not tell him about them (at least not yet!)  He does not need to know that your family is dysfunctional on the first date.  The lesser the drama, the better.
  6. Your desire to have children.  You don’t want to sound desperate and that your body clock is ticking!
  7. Vanity topics about yourself such as asking him if you look fat, what he thinks about your hair, the dress that you’re wearing, etc.
  8. His salary.
  9. Your health problems.
  10. Negative topics about men.

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