Talent Discovery of the Day: Stephenie Gee

Recommended Talent of the Day: Stephenie Gee c/o Youtube.

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FYI: The lyrics she used is different from Rihanna’s version. You can also download the mp3 version of this song from her link here.

Enjoy the lyrics used below:

[Joseph Vincent]
Always thought you and I were perfect
I could tell you from the start
Thought you were gonna be my man, but then you left tore me apart
And now you’re gone
You ain’t by my side, got me askin’ questions
Cause everything we were was all a lie
When were you gonna tell me
oh how you feel
Why you gotta wait so long to tell me it was all unreal

Everyday I sat by just waiting,
For you to come back home
But then i saw you with a girl
Broke my heart, and left me cold
Seems so unreal,
Can’t grasp this thought, couldn’t sleep at all last night
Cause just realized it was all a lie
When were you gonna tell me
Just how you feel
Left me for someone else and here i am caught up in tears

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