T-fal Actifry Low-Fat Multi-Cooker. Helps you fry food with little to no oil!

WHAT: T-fal ActiFry Low-Fat Healthy Dishwasher Safe Multi-Cooker.

WHY: This new kitchen gadget I discovered was recommended to me by a friend. She said that this is another alternative to frying food with little to no oil. It’s a good substitute to a deep fryer. Aside from frying, you can also cook a variety of full meals easily and quickly. Easy to clean and dishwasher safe! It’s a healthier option than the traditional frying of food. For example you can cook french fries without the greasy feeling and oil dripping from them or chicken.

I just want to share this new kitchen gadget I learned although I don’t own one personally. It’s just a good option to share for those people who are looking for the same solution. At home we don’t fry a lot of things because of oil and we can achieve the same result without using oil by using the oven.

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actifry cook with little to no oil

Photo Credit: Amazon.com

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