What's New: Style Fashion Week LA presents: Madisonpark Collective by Trey Alligood

Photo Credit: http://ipinoymedia.com/

 WHAT: Style Fashion Week presents Madisonpark Collective

WHEN: March 14, 2012 at Vibiana in downtown Los Angeles

WHO: Trey Alligood, designer/owner of Madisonpark Collective

WEBSITE: http://www.MadisonparkCollective.com

About the Brand: 

Since its launch in August of 2010, Madisonpark Collective has focused on vintage inspired pieces with a modern day twist.  The raw sophistication and everyday functionality allows for a rugged, yet refined look.  We use exceptional fabrics such as reclaimed military canvas, recycled cottons, salvaged denim, and cashmere to create garments that not only look good but make you feel good as well.  Authentic washes, innovative design and being made in the USA has generated a loyal client following.   You can find Madisonpark Collective at Ron Herman, Atrium, LASC, Bloomingdales, Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue and several other boutiques around the world.  

Inspiration for Summer 2012 was color, color, and more color.  There are so many people that are afraid of color but I love mixing colors most people would never put together.  Madisonpark is all about being different and pushing boundaries far enough but not over the top.  We kept the American inspired work wear theme and our classic 5 pocket in different colors and fabrics as well as introduced a new trouser body.  We added some nice details such as a signature grey hem you can turn up on all the colors and push up to create a cropped pant or just leave it turned down for a classic trouser look.  We also did a tux trousers in bright blue, khaki and grey with a black stripe going down the side that has been a huge hit!  
For fall it’s all about Japanese twills, recycled cottons, salvaged denim,  and coated denim in navy, plum, teal, chocolate browns, grays and blacks!  Creating beautiful washes on these fabrics as well as keeping some of them clean for a sleek and sophisticated look you can wear from day to night.  The classic trouser is offered in several different colors and will continue to have our signature grey hem that can be turned up for a pop of color.  Our jackets made out of deconstructed reclaimed mail bags from WW II still have post office codes and domestic stamps as well as reclaimed military canvas details.  These are all one of a kind and have an amazing worn in vintage look.  We are also very excited about introducing cashmere for fall.  Cowl necks, cardigans, hoodies, pullovers and scarves that are beyond soft and super comfortable!  That just about wraps up the fall collection.  ;-)”.   – Trey Alligood, fashion designer of Madisonpark Collective

WHY I LIKE THEM: Madisonpark Collective has exceptional style and make wearable, fashion-forward menswear.  Thanks for a great fashion show!

Photo Credit: iPINOY MEDIA http://ipinoymedia.com/

Fashion Photographer Credit: MICHAEL DELIGUIN

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