Solution to Thick, Heavy and Unmanageable Hair

Request: My hair is naturally thick, heavy and often unmanageable.  Do you know any hair product that would tame my frizzy, heavy and unmanageable hair while at the same time keep the style of my hair?

Recommendation: Although there are thousands of great hair products out there my current favorite is Morrocan Oil Hyrating Styling Cream.  One word to describe its effect is it “tames” my thick hair, no doubt! It is lightweight, gives more definition to my hair and creates a softer texture.  It is a cross between a leave-in conditioner and a hair spray.  It also works better when I flat iron my hair.  It makes it easier for me to straighten my hair and provides a more soft  and silky finish.

I have to say that all Moroccan Oil products I have tried are great and of high quality.

In short, this keeps my hair from going “wild” (sort of poofy, crazy and tangled) and “crunchy” (an effect from using a traditional hair spray) for the rest of the day.

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