Solution to Organizing the Fridge!

I finally found the fridge organizers that work!

I’ve been meaning to organize my refrigerator. I want to create order in my fridge so that it would be easier for everyone in the family to access and find the contents of our fridge. It would also help us spot check inventory when things are getting low and having an organized refrigerator is a major money-saver.

Here are some quick and easy tips in organizing the fridge:
1. Take inventory and discard out of date items or items
2. Organize jars according to types or colors. For example, Oyster sauce, Lean n Perrins Lea & Perrins sauce, Worcestershire sauce, etc may go in one bin. Or jars with the same color go on the same bin. For example pesto jar, pickle jar, pepper jars, etc. may go together in one bin. You may also create an “Asian section” for your fridge,. For example, Sriracha, shrimp paste, sesame oil, etc. may all go in one area. Doing so will create a function for each shelf and make it much easier to locate your small, hard to see items.
3. Look for organizers that maximize shelf space. The top 5 bins that I use a lot to organize my fridge:

InterDesign Refrigerator and Freezer Storage Bin, 4-Inch by 4-Inch

Fridge organizer interdesign

InterDesign Refrigerator and Freezer Storage Bin, 8-Inch by 4-Inch

InterDesign Linus Refrigerator and Pantry Organization Bin, 8 by 8 by 6-Inch, Clear

fridge bin organizer interdesign

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InterDesign Linus Refrigerator and Pantry Cube Storage Bin, 6 by 6 by 6-Inch, Clear

Interdesign Covered Egg Holder, 14 Egg Capacity – What I like about this egg storage is that you can easily spot when eggs are getting low. It can also fit more than a dozen egg, large eggs and, since it is sturdy you can safely put anything on top of it without breaking the eggs!

egg fridge organizer storage

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4. Keep the most often used items in front for convenience.
5. Label your bins to avoid mixing up things or write expiration dates outside of left over containers.

fridge bin organizers

fridge organizer

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