So You Want to be a Writer?

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If you’ve always dreamed of becoming the next J.K. Rowling, Stephanie Meyer, Nicholas Sparks or Anne Rice but doubt if the masses would like what you write, I recommend to try Webook!

Webook is a website where you can write pages for your novel and people rate your story and skills to write.  So  instead of subjecting your family and friends to read your novel (who are sometimes really uninterested), why don’t you submit your work to keen strangers who are more willing to read and who work in the business to rate your novel for unbiased opinions!  Webook also helps you find a matching literary agent and provide you a community to share ideas with other want-to-be authors.

Or, if you are just not ready yet to send your novel and simply enjoy reading other people’s writing, you can also join to rate other people’s work instead and help them improve!

Receiving rates for your work from the Webook community is not free but very affordable at $3.95.  I think $3.95 is worth every penny just for people to take their time to read your novel and rate your talent.  This way you will know more realistically if you still need to improve or you’re just ready for the spotlight.  In my opinion, it is hard to even pull at least 2 people to willingly read your stories when you are just starting to write.  On the other hand, it is free to register and rate other people’s work.  Either way is fun!

Try it and you’ll never know if this is your key to becoming the next big author!

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