Smudging Mascara? No Problem! Here’s How to Make Any Mascara Waterproof Instantly!

WHAT: Bare Minerals Locked & Coated WaterProof Lash Top Coat

bare minerals locked and coated

It is an invisible topcoat that instantly makes any mascara waterproof!

USE: Perfect pairing to your favorite mascara that is not waterproof. For instance, my current favorite Grandiose mascara by Lancome is almost “The Perfect” mascara. It comes with the best mascara wand or brush in the market. Perfectly designed. So accurate!

However, it doesn’t come waterproof so I had to buy this Bare Minerals Locked and Coated to make my mascara smudge free!

This is one of the best beauty inventions out there! So convenient!

grandiose lancome best wand mascara

Photo Credit: Lancome

WHERE TO BUY: Lancome, Bare Minerals stores or

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