Simple Tips in Carrying Your House Keys

– Don’t put all your keys in one key chain. So for example: If you lose your car key, you don’t lose your house key at the same time. If someone would steal your car key then they won’t have easy access to your house and vice-versa.

– Use a Retractable Key Chain to carry your house key and clip it in your bag or inside wallet. This way you don’t need to scramble through your stuff to find your key. You just pull the key from the retractable key chain and never need to find, remove and throw it back again in the purse.

Retractable Key Chain









– Label. Label. Label. Label your keys or color code them so you can find them. It’s as simple as that.














– Never store any personal details such as your name or address with your keys. An identity thief could easily contact you and pretend to be from a service provider and needing to verify your address.

P.s. Key chains can also be cool and fashionable! Like this Sparkly Rose Rhinestone Retractable Badge Reel / ID badge Holder










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