The Sexiest Wedding Dress

Here comes the sexiest wedding dress!

sexiest wedding dress

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It’s uber sexy yet full of class and elegance – just the perfect balance for the modern bride.

But let’s admit it. This style of wedding dress may call for the right body. But if you can wear it, without a doubt, go for it! Why? Because this style of wedding dress signifies youth, elegance, courage, discipline, power and rarity.

berta wedding dress

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Now, let’s meet the designer of the sexiest wedding dress, Berta.

Emily: Hi, Berta. Thanks for this opportunity to interview you. First, I would like to congratulate you on your Winter 2014 bridal collection. They are definitely the sexiest wedding dresses!

Berta: Thank you very much Emily. Although being a designer for many years, I always invest myself in every collection in an absolute way, and this year I felt from the very beginning of the design process that this collection will be something special. I wouldn’t say “Sexy” was my main objective. Feminine would be more appropriate to describe this collection – if you’ll take close look, you’ll see that many times what people might describe as sexy and revealing is actually an illusion I’m creating with a sophisticated placement of see through fabrics. You can take my design with the golden belt – if you’ll look carefully you’ll notice that it’s not more revealing than a regular sweetheart design. It actually reveals even less.

Emily: Could you please tell my readers a little bit about yourself?

Berta: I’m an Israeli based designer. I operate from my flagship studio in the city of Ashdod. All my designs are 100% handmade here in Israel. Originally I was born in Cairo, Egypt – I came to Israel as a very young girl, after spending a few years of my childhood also in France. My inspirations derived from many places, and is deeply affected by culture as well. You can see in my designs both Middle Eastern & Western Europe fingerprints. I also design evening dress, but as a secondary line that is now only available in my studio in Israel. My international boutiques only carry my bridal collection.

Emily: Could you please share to us any awards, recognition (if any) or one of your most memorable breakthroughs in your career?

Berta: Last year I was the sponsor for the Miss Israel beauty contest. As such, I designed evening & bridal dresses for all the 20 contenders. For the winner – the first ever Ethiopian Miss Israel (beautiful!) – I also designed dresses for her participation in Miss Universe.

Emily: What do you think is your signature style? What is the mark of a Berta design?

elegant wedding dress by Berta

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Berta: You can clearly tell that my collections are very much diversified. Design is art – so it’s not something you can predict. I give my heart and imagination the center stage and they lead me. So sometimes I reach surprising places. With that being said, if there is one thing in common between all my designs, it’s the fit. My silhouettes are meant to accentuate the women’s beauty, so the cut and the fit are thing I will not compromise about. My signature style will include an open back and a plunging neckline.

Emily: What are the common fabrics or materials you use in your dresses and where are they usually made from?

Berta: I’m using a lot of Lace and Chiffon. Both are nothing like the standard lace or chiffon you can find out there. All my fabrics are going through a process of modifications in my studio. Each lace is actually a combination of different styles and textures of laces, combined with other types of fabrics as well. Same with the chiffon and with all my other fabrics. My unique fabrics has a crucial role in creating the fit my gowns are known for. You can’t let it be too stiff, or too soft – You can’t create the right silhouette and fit with just any fabric. My fabrics come from all over the world, and many of them comes from the fashion capitals of Europe.

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Emily: Who is/are your dream celebrities that you’d like to dress or work with?

Berta: I was already privileged to dress some Israeli celebrities, among them the lovely Moran Atias – an Israeli actress that plays in Hollywood this days. I made her evening gowns for several red carpet events. My dream would be to create a dress for Sarah Jessica Parker or Julia Roberts.

Emily: What is that one thing that you can share with us that people don’t know yet about you?

Berta: Emmm… maybe the fact that I’m already a grandmother? But shush! Don’t tell anyone 😉

Emily: Aside from your passion with fashion design, what else do you enjoy doing?

Berta: Cooking. In general you can say I’m passionate about food. I love visiting restaurants of brilliant chefs. In many ways, cooking is also a form of art. There’s a good chance that if I wouldn’t go to fashion, I would have been now a Chef at a Michelin star restaurant.

Emily: Share five of your favorite things

Berta: Family, fashion, cooking, theater, Pilates.

Emily: For your US-Based fans, where can we buy your dresses or how do we obtain your couture service?

Berta: We now have 9 boutiques that carry my collection in the US. Very soon there will be more. Each of this boutiques is high end bridal salon, with amazing staff, service and atmosphere. You can see our list of boutiques at my website. Next month we are starting a trunk show tour in the US – we will present my 2014 collection for the first time (worldwide!) in Miami, and from then on we will also present it at our boutiques in NYC, Orange County and more.

Emily: Thank you so much for gracing this interview. It’s a privilege and my pleasure.  For those who would like to check out Berta’s trunk shows, here is the schedule:

berta schedule trunk shows

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For a preview of Berta’s 2014 Winter Collection, this video is a must-watch!

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