Reminder: Backup your Data

I work in Information Technology for more than 10 years now and I have witnessed so many times how many people lost (and cried) their data simply because they do not take time to back up their files (and never learned for it).  Backup can be costly but always put in mind that your important data such as pictures and other documents are priceless so it is worth every penny that you take action to backup your data.

There are many written ways out there and methods followed how to backup your data but what I want to talk about today is online backup.  I believe that backing up your important files is a must and as I’ve mentioned earlier, data is priceless!

What is online backup? Online backup is a kind of backup that  stores your files remotely other than your computer.  This is typically built around a client software program that runs on a schedule, which collects, compresses, encrypts, and transfers the data to the remote backup service provider’s servers (more on Wikipedia here).  In short, backing up your data on a CD or USB disk and storing it in your closet is not an online backup but making a copy of your pictures or files on a computer remote to your location that is always available is online backup.

But why is online backup important? Because those CD and USB disks break or unexpected events such as fire and theft unfortunately still happens!  So what do you do if your pictures are saved on a CD or USB drive and you have no copy anywhere else?  Then, you’re out of luck!  Depending how much you can afford to pay professionals to revive your device and restore your files (pictures for example) but it is also likely that you will not recover them anymore.

This is where an online backup comes in because having an online backup system will save your day should something happens on your storage device, misfortune hits or your computer breaks, get stolen or damaged.

There are hundreds of companies available out there that provide online backups for as little as $50 a year (that is even less than a dollar per day!  Starbucks coffee is even more expensive if you count how many coffee you buy in a year)  but what I personally use and by far satisfied is Crashplan Backup.  They do exactly what I need.  Cheap yet secure, always available, offers both online and offline restore and reliable.  They also offer free for 30 days to try.

Take note that depending on the speed of your internet connection the upload of files (initial backup or seeding in other words) may take a very long time (inevitable with any online backup service) but once you are up and running, it just works!

So now, seriously take time to review your DR plan (disaster recovery) and start to backup your data 😉

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