The Secret to Wearing the Best Pregnancy Clothes for Work and Casual Days

The secret to wearing the best pregnancy clothes for work and casual days is to wear something that fits comfortably, and is aligned to your type of work. The best thing you can do is to find something that you can wear during and right after pregnancy. Being pregnant should not stop you from being stylish. You don’t necessarily need to always go to the maternity section or maternity stores to find the right maternity dress and sacrifice your own style! Usually, maternity stores can be expensive and can only provide a limited selection of styles.

the secret to wearing the best pregnancy clothes for work and casual days

the secret to wearing the best pregnancy clothes for work and casual days

Here are my five tips to finding the best pregnancy clothes.

1. Wear SHIFT dresses. What is a Shift dress? A shift dress is a simple, above-the-knee dress where the skirt is either cut straight or with a narrow A-Line. The dress does not define the waistline (which favors pregnant women!) and the neckline can be a variety of high scoop neck, boat neck or with collar. The dress is typically sleeveless but short-sleeve, 3/4 sleeve and long-sleeve versions are also very common and popular. Think of “Twiggy dresses” – that’s it.

I am six months pregnant and I get a lot of compliments wearing this retro-vintage style shift dress at work. I had to order Large just to be in the safe side and it fits great. As you can see, the idea is that the dress has no emphasis on the waist but to the style. I bought a lot of my pregnancy clothes from this Amazon seller because of their stylish and comfy shift dresses.

collar shift dress

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retro print shift dress

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pregnant cape chiffon dress

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2. High-Low Dresses. Pregnant women can also still swear the ever-famous high-low dresses. They are classic and timeless while the flowing material is breathable and supports more movement.

Red high and low dresses pregnant women

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3. Sweater Dresses or Cardigans.. Very comfy and easy to pair with leggings! I like sweater dresses or sweater cardigans because although they are usually oversized and a tad bit long compared to just regular-sized sweaters or cardigans — the best part is that they don’t look short or shrunk when pregnant. You have more room for your growing belly.

Large sweater pregnant women

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4. Jersey Dresses. There are many variety of Jersey dresses. Some are even body hugging and favor curvaceous women. The Jersey dresses I am referring to are very similar to shift dresses because of their all-day comfort and stress-free stretchy cotton or knit fabric.

Jersey dress pregnant women

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5. Stretchy Pants or Leggings. Okay, this is the only one that can usually be found in the maternity section of maternity stores. The style is very similar to regular pants except that the belly part is super stretchy and extended. Another alternative if you can’t find a nearby maternity store or are hesitant to buy online is to just buy at least large or XL leggings and that’s what I do.

pregnancy pants

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