Solution to Stretch Marks!

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I discovered this by accident in solving my pregnancy stretch marks problem. I bought Kinerase Photo Facials Sun Damage at Sephora thinking it could replace my daily facial moisturizer. I actually do not need a lot on my face but the wordings on the label attracted me, “Kinerase is a moisturizer that prevents and corrects signs of incidental sun damage, while working to fade uneven skin tone… blah, blah..” I don’t have sun damage on my face though but I like the idea that it fades uneven skin tone. Anyway, it was time to change beauty products. I’ve been using Kinerase daily moisturizer for quite sometime now and I thought of trying another line from Kinerase. I just need an excuse to change products!

So when I tried it at home I didn’t not like it because it did not blend well and it produced some kind of white effect on my face. It’s like putting sun block. It felt greasy and I felt that it does not look right when I put on my face.  On the other hand, I thought of returning it (because it is kind of expensive for $88) but I lost the receipt. So I was stuck with it thinking where else can I use this? It is very expensive to be thrown away!  Then the idea came in to use this for my stretch marks!”

And I have to say, it was worth it and I would even buy it again! I witnessed a tremendous improvement on my skin! My stretch marks fade and it helped a lot toning my skin in that area. It is by far the best home-based product I used for stretch marks!

Just remember, this product is intended for the face but I use it for my stretch marks that was damaged during pregnancy.  Make sure to consult a pro if you are not comfortable following my advise.  Remember,  I am not a doctor.  Just your next-door friendly, fabulous blogger! 🙂

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  1. September 28, 2011 at 7:45 PM

    I have not tried this product before so I cannot say that this will work well, but I think this is good, Thanks for the share.

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