How to Save Money Shopping at Target

How to save at Target

First Saving Tip: Apply for the Target REDcard!

Btw, I am not an affiliate of Target. I simply want to share good tips.

If you shop frequently at Target there is no reason to not apply for the REDCard! Don’t be scared applying for the REDCard and don’t assume that it is just another store credit card. With Target REDCard you have the option to attach it with your credit card or debit card. I use mine as a debit card so I incur no debt when shopping at Target. Since I have the REDCard, I never pay full price anymore for any target item! Instead, I save 5% for each item! (or at least most items!). There’s no annual fee either.

Second: Take Advantage of Starbucks savings!
If you are a Starbucks lover or know someone who loves Starbucks and planning to buy Starbucks items as a gift, it is best to buy mugs, beans (aside from buying coffee itself) and other Starbucks-wares at Starbucks inside Target stores than regular Starbucks coffee shops.  Why? Because you get 5% discount too with any Starbucks purchase! In fact, I just bought myself a Starbucks Double Wall Ceramic Mug Traveler and saved 5%! Hey don’t pass up 5% savings because saving is still saving $$!

Here’s my new morning coffee mug!


Third: If you plan to buy an iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini, iPod and practically any major Apple products get it at Target because you get 5% discount with your REDcard too!
You don’t get 5% discount at Apple store, do you? So why pay full price if you can get it cheaper at Target.


Fourth: Do you know that Target Offers Price Match? Use it!
I was shopping for a toy the other day at Target when I wondered how much it would be if I just buy it from Amazon. I found out that the toy I wanted to buy is $5.00 cheaper on Amazon so I told one of the clerks at Target that the toy I wanted was cheaper on Amazon. They said that they would do a price match as long as the seller on Amazon is the retailer themselves. Since the toy I wanted to buy with cheaper price is offered by the retailer themselves (not just some third party vendor) they “price matched” it so I bought the toy at Target with the same price offered online.

Fifth: Do you know that shopping online at Target with REDcard ships free?!

It’s free shipping when you use your REDcard at and there’s no minimum purchase! And that’s on top of the 5% savings you already receive just for shopping with your REDcard. (Restrictions apply so please check their website).

It is just good to know these savings options!

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