Recommended Sports Wear: Boston Proper Sports Wear – Where Sports and Elegant Meet!

WHAT: Who says “warm ups”, yoga or sports coordinates can’t be chic?  Check out Boston Proper – where sports and elegant meet!

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WHERE TO BUY:  They are all available at

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HOW MUCH: These coordinates are on sale for $159.00.  (Okay, anything above $100 is expensive nowadays so they all go to my wishlist).

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WHEN TO WEAR THEM: Technically these coordinates are designed for yoga, sports, warm ups, etc.  But since they are incredibly gorgeous and expensive, I may think twice before sweating on them just to do my errands.

WHERE TO WEAR THEM:  These coordinates is stylish enough to do your errands, wear on “casual Fridays” or the perfect “airport outfit”.  They look comfortable yet stylish.  This is a good replacement to those old-fashion velours.

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