Recommended Podcast for Bloggers and Online Business Enthusiasts: Smart Passive Income with Pat Flynn

Photo Credit: Smart Passive Income


WHAT: Smart Passive Income with Pat Flynn.  If you are a blogger and an online business enthusiast, this one would blow your mind!

WHY RECOMMEND: This podcast shares in depth, unbiased and helpful content about blogging and the ins and outs of online business that most of us would pay to read in a book but instead he shares it for free!

HOW TO LISTEN: Using iTunes go to your Podcast and search for Smart Passive Income or go to the Business Category and you’ll find it there under the “Hot List”.

FAVORITE EPISODES:  I haven’t listen to all his episodes yet.  I just randomly pick episodes and listen to them whenever I can.  In fact, I just started this weekend and so far I would recommend listening to episode 37, 39 and 4.  But all of them so far  are great to listen to!

IF I DON’T HAVE iTUNES HOW ELSE DO I LISTEN TO IT:  Check out his website at




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