What's In: Gel Nail Polish

WHAT:  Ever experience that problem when you just had your nails done then after one day it either chipped, nicked, faded or ruined already?  Now, there is this amazing breakthrough launched in the cosmetic industry – the Gel Nail Polish.  The solution to chipping, smudging and nicking  nail polish.

Photo Credit: CND.com

It’s basically very similar to the traditional nail polish except that the process is a little bit different because it uses UV light to dry and special coats to make it last longer.  This is not the same with artificial nails or those Sally Hansen sticker nail polish.

WHERE CAN I GET THIS?  Most local nail salons offer this service.  Leading nail polish makers such as OPI and CND Shellac also offer them for sale.  However, you will need a kit to do this by yourself , a little bit of practice and maybe tutorial from the expert.  In short, I won’t advise to do it by yourself unless you really know what you are doing!

Photo Credit: CND.com

HOW MUCH USUALLY IS  THE SERVICE?  Typically it is around $45 just for the gel nail polish manicure.  Yes, it’s quite expensive.  But the local nail salon I go to only charges $25.  Therefore, it varies.

HOW WAS MY EXPERIENCE SO FAR:  Today is the first day I’ve had it and I should say that it is definitely durable.  I’ve been working with my hands all day today and never had a nick or chip at least!

Photo Credit. CND.com

WHAT TO WATCH OUT FOR:  Unlike traditional nail polish, I read that the gel nail polish does not come off easily with acetone.  Isn’t funny how the strength of this product is also its weakness?  I mean, yes it’s great and all that it lasts longer and keep your nail polish perfect all the time.  However, because of its indestructible nature it won’t easily come off by simply wiping with an acetone.  You either need to buy a gel nail polish removal or go back to your local nail salon to have it removed.  Ask first the process before trying it on.

WOULD I DO IT AGAIN? Definitely, yes!  I wish I knew about this already long time ago.

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