Recommended Language Development Videos for Babies: Baby BumbleBee DVDs

WHAT:  Baby BumbleBee™ DVDs & Videos Offer Children Quality Educational Entertainment.  Appropriate for a Child’s Earliest Stages of Development. The DVD Videos Use Real World Images, Children, Toys And Playful Music to Present Important Early Educational Concept.

WHY I LIKE THIS:  The DVD videos are perfect for developing babies, toddlers and children.  If you believe your child is somewhat delay in language development or if you just simply want your child to watch appropriate videos which he/she could improve and advance in language I highly recommend this.  Just by watching one to two DVDs, my son (who was still a developing baby at that time) learned at least 5 words immediately.

HOW MUCH: The dvd set costs between $49.99 to $300 and up.  Depending on which dvd you buy.  However,  eBay has it for slightly used 16 volume/14 piece set for only $130.00.  This is a huge savings!

WHERE TO BUY: You can purchase directly from or for cheaper price (slightly used) on Ebay.  Click this link!


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