Recommended French Fashion Magazine: BIBA

WHAT:  In Fashion sometimes you don’t need to understand the language as long as you can comprehend the visual inspirations and talent behind it.  Although I don’t speak French, I enjoyed browsing through this BIBA fashion magazine.  It gave me some fresh ideas about fashion, style and topics outside of my comfort (USA) zone.

HOW I GOT MY COPY:  I bought my personal copy from one of the newspaper stands along Champs-Elysees in Paris.  However, this specific “Juin 2011 BIBA issue” can be purchased at… (see below)

WHERE TO BUY:  This specific issue can be purchased on eBay for only $5.99 here

WHY RECOMMEND:  Particularly for all my US-based or non-European readers, I simply wanted to share what is one sample of a local fashion magazine in France other than the usual Vogue.Fr, Elle.Fr, etc.   It may not be the best-ever magazine I found but the fact that I personally bought this one straight from Paris, it’s more meaningful to me.  Plus you get a little taste of French fashion out of it!  This magazine covers fashion, food, hair tips, quizzes, horoscopes, beauty, shopping and more!

WHO IS IN THE COVER:  I wish I knew.  My wild guess is that her name is Denni(?).



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