Recommended Foundation: Per-fekt; Gel Makeup, the Skin Perfector!

WHAT: Perfekt Skin Perfection Gel Translucent, the skin perfector! I use it as my foundation and primer at the same time. I use “Transluscent (for colorless/all skin color)” and mix it with “Decadent (for deep tan/doubles as a bronzer for lighter skintones)”. The moment I tried them on, it was love at first use!

WHY I LIKE IT: I tried lots of liquid foundation but this one glides effortlessly on my face. It instantly improves and balance my skin tone and gives me that most-wanted “airbrush finish”. It is lightweight and the gel in it helps hydrates my skin! It leaves my face radiant and glowing… and definitely not “cakey”.

This product does not contain oil, fragrance, or paraben.

HOW MUCH: $57.50 and you can buy it on Amazon HERE

TIP: To achieve that flawless finish, use two colors. For example, if your medium to tan complexion, choose Translucent because it is colorless then apply Decadent to help balance the uneven color of your skin. You should not stick to one color because the reality is, none of us have only 1 color on the face.. unless you’re a mannequin!

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