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WHAT: Out of ideas what to cook for your family or need better and healthier meal plans? I recommend going to  The options are endless!

WHY I LIKE IT:  The ratings of every meal, the reviews, comments and instructions are very helpful, accurate and easy to follow.  The website is easy to navigate and user-friendly.  I also love the fact that if you are a subscribing member, you can easily create meal plans, shopping list and edit the recipe yourself.

For example if I create a week worth of dinner (say 5 meals for example), it automatically extracts and consolidates all the ingredients that I need for all the 5 meals I created.  I can easily print them and have a choice whether to include the cooking instructions and nutritional facts too!  It is just very organized!  Oh, did I mention that it is as easy as a drag-and-drop too?!

HOW MUCH:  Majority of the recipes are FREE but if you want weekly meal plans, a consolidated shopping list and to unlock some of their excellent-tasting recipes, it is worth to subscribe.   It costs between $9 – $22 for a 6-month to two-year subscription.   It’s a one cooking website that does everything!



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