Recommended Beverage: TWG Tea, One of the Finest Teas in the World!

WHAT: TWG Tea, one of the finest teas in the world!

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Hosting afternoon tea, or just want to treat yourself while on the patio on a lazy Sunday morning? I recommend TWG Tea for their gourmet high-quality teas. TWG has the largest collection of teas in the world, with rich flavors of fruit, spices and aromas to brighten your day and help you relax. TWG’s tea bags and thread are made of 100% biodegradable cotton, allowing you to enjoy the full flavor of your tea, as opposed to paper-based tea bags.


For me, food is another expression of art, and TWG takes tea to a whole different level. Their careful attention to their products, from their teas, to their packaging, and even in their stores, will truly delight even the most discerning tea aficionados. I especially love the packaging of their tea gift sets. The beautiful details of the illustrations, font and color show the rich history and heritage of TWG Tea.


Dean and DeLuca. In the US, TWG Tea is available at all Dean and Deluca stores. For the full experience of TWG Tea, a trip to their salons in Singapore or Hong Kong will be worth your while. With your tea, you will enjoy sumptuous meals in these full service restaurants. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a proper high tea at a TWG Tea salon? The “Chic” set menu includes choices of British, Asian, or French-style food, and comes with a scone or muffin which sounds absolutely divine!

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