Part 3: Fresh and Talented Fashion Bloggers Around the World

Here’s a continuation of our quest for fresh and talented bloggers from different parts of the world.  Here’s Part 1 where we featured Lisa Ann Karst, a blogger from Los Angeles and Part 2 where we featured Alexandra Lazar from Giurgiu, Romania.

We always find it interesting to learn more about other people’s culture, hobbies and of course their own recommendations!

So let’s start with Eco Princess, Jennifer Nini of Maryvale Australia!

Name: Jennifer Nini
Full time Profession: Employment Consultant (by day) / Eco Fashion Blogger Extraordinaire (by night)
Location: Maryvale, Australia (think country side)
Recent mentions (magazines, TV, Ads) about you: Herald-Sun Valentine’s Day article where my partner Ben and I were featured due to our  different backgrounds. The angle of the piece was “love despite obvious differences” as Ben is Irish/Australian and I was born in the Philippines and culturally, raised very different. I was also featured in the local paper “The Advocate” where I was interviewed because of my strong views on a community issue about power lines.
Most recent accomplishment: Being offered a role of contributing writer for an eco lifestyle magazine
Current favorite designer: Henryetta, an Eco Designer based in Sydney, Australia
Dream Job or Career: Full time freelance fashion writer

Recommended Items:
Item can’t live without: Lip balm!
Beauty tip: Get your beauty sleep – at least 7 hours a night
Travel destination: Koh Samui, Thailand – amazing beaches, beautiful weather, people are wonderful and  very kind to the hip pocket (aka cheap!)
Food/dish to try: Saganaki, it’s a Greek dish and it’s delicious!
Book to read: The Power of Now, Eckhart Tolle – with a boyfriend who passed on when I was just 16 and my partner’s brother who passed away in June last year, it’s an important message to remember that the past is something you can’t change, the future isn’t here yet and all we have is… NOW!
Movie to see: It’s a Wonderful Life – I’m a sucker for classics and always cry at the end!
Advice to anyone who aspires to be like me: Try not to be like me! But if you insist, just follow your heart, take risks, keep an open mind, stand up for your beliefs and always always always have fun!
Message to Emilyrecommends readers: I am always looking to network with like-minded people so if you are interested in fashion and especially ethical and sustainable fashion, drop me an email at jbnini [at] hotmail [dot] com

Name: Kat Chaires
Full time Profession: Student
Location: New York, New York
Most recent accomplishment: Well, I started this blog fairly recently so I would have to say that is a big accomplishment. I’m attending school at the Fashion Institute of Technology and that is really important to me, as well.
Current favorite designer: Michael Kors
Dream Job or Career: I’m majoring in Advertising and Marketing Communications and I would love to become an event planner. I’m still trying to decide what path to take though.

Recommended Stuff:
Item can’t live without: Coffee and my Blackberry. I am always on the move so caffeine is a must and my phone is rarely not in my hand.
Beauty tip: Always take off your makeup before going to sleep! It may not seem like a big deal but it definitely effects your skin/
Travel Destination: There’s this adorable little beach and bay-side town in Delaware called Dewey Beach. It is such a relaxing place but it’s close to a larger town with tons to do!
Food/dish to try: Spinach Artichoke Dip! I make it from scratch and eat it with tortilla chips. It is so delish and my friends seem to like it too!
Book to read: Sarah’s Key by Tatiana de Rosnay. It is incredibly interesting story; it weaves between the factual story of the French roundup of Jews during WWII and a fictional story of a modern-day woman living in Paris and the two eventually merge together.
Movie to see: How can I even pick one? I’m a sucker for a musical so Moulin Rouge is at the top of my list. If you’re more into thrillers I’d say Shutter Island. Oh, and if you haven’t seen Up, you are really missing out – so sweet.
Recommended advice to anyone who aspire to be like me: Don’t. Aspire to be your own individual; it will get you so much farther in life and it will make you a happier person knowing you don’t have to try.

Last but not least… our friend from Athens, Greece!

Name: Sofia Gourgouliani
Full time Profession: Law student

Location: Greece, Athens
Recent mentions (magazines, TV, Ads) about you: (guest posts), (movie reviews)
Most recent accomplishment: Wrting guest posts at
Current favorite designer: Isabel Marant
Dream Job or Career: Living with fashion and movies

Recommended Stuff:
Item can’t live without: My biker boots
Beauty tip: Always believe in yourself
Travel Destination: Milan
Food/dish to try: Souvlaki…(it’s a greek speciality)
Book to read: Agatha Christie.. I love a little mystery
Movie to see: Solyaris (I love Tarkovsky, so haunting)
Recommended advice to anyone who aspire to be like me: Like me… Am I so special??? Just be yourself and wanna be someone different from me…

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  1. April 2, 2011 at 1:34 AM

    Great work Em! I hope you enjoyed your time at LA Fashion Week and had fun contributing to your amazing blog!


    Eco Warrior Princess

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