Part 2: Want to get into fashion business? Read our Exclusive Interview Fashion Designer, Armine!

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12242 Ventura Blvd
Studio City, CA 91604
Tel: 818.505.9064
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Me: What do you think are the coming trends for wedding dresses?
Armine: Some of the upcoming trends for wedding gowns are color, lace, feathers, and draping.  Mixing different fabrics to create texture are also very popular..

Photo Credit: Michael Deliguin

Me:  What else are your goals for this year?
Armine: As of this year, I’ve started to put more emphasis on creating my own designs for both bridal and evening wear. I’ve also been creating gorgeous headpieces and veils.

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Me:  How do you define your style?
Armine: I think I have a unique style.  I like to look at things in three dimensions.  I do a lot draping.  Most of my gowns are asymmetrical. As much as I can, I try to design my gowns so they look unique and different from what’s in the market.

Photo Credit: Michael Deliguin

Me: Any advice to future brides?
Armine: As much as every bride follows the trend for that year, my advice is to find the style that compliments their personality, looks, venue and all of the other aspects of the wedding.  Minimal is the best.  When walking down the aisle, you need the guests to see you as a person before they see dress, flowers, accessories, etc. Other advice I would give is to choose a salon that is close by and you are comfortable working with.  My advice would be to take as little people as possible to the salon, usually just your mother or sister.  If they are out of town, just your closest friend.  You want to make sure your opinion is heard and the dress is how you want and not how everybody else wants it to be.

Photo Credit: Michael Deliguin

Me: Any advice for future fashion designers?
Armine: Follow your dream.  My strongest recommendation is to learn everything about fashion design including all the different fabrics, draping, pattern making and sewing.  The more you know, the more successful you will be.

Photo Credit: R-Mine Bridal couture


Me: Thank you for your time.  Please continue your work.  You are a great inspiration and fashion designer.
Armine: You’re welcome.  Thank you too.

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