Part 2: Fresh and Talented Fashion Bloggers Around the World

Photo Credit: Alexandra Lazar

This week we will be featuring one fashion blogger each day from different parts of the world.  We always find it interesting to learn more about other people’s culture, hobbies and of course their own recommendations!

Previously we featured Lisa Ann Karst from our Part 1 series and now we would like to introduce you to Alexandra Lazar (cover page above)!

Photo Credit: Alexandra Lazar

Name: Alexandra Lazar

Full time Profession: Student (with an amazing love for fashion blogging)
Location: Giurgiu, Romania
Recent mentions (magazines, TV, Ads) about you: An online article for
Most recent accomplishment: With my blog, not that much, just an article on the above mentioned magazine, but my academic career is getting a boost right now (I’m doing a lot of contests in English and Romanian ). Also,I’m taking part in organizing a multitude of charitable shows including art acts like singing ,dancing and acting.
Current favorite designer: He’s called Mihai Albu and he is a very talented Romanian shoe designer.
Dream Job or Career: Designer.  I could also settle to be a forensic profiler or a fashion journalist.

Item can’t live without: Hair straightener (I wish I were born with and afro hairdo, because it would be much better than what I have now).
Beauty tip: Be happy ! You’ll never be beautiful when you’re sad.  Plus, being happy sometimes gets rid of pimples. Oh, and exfoliate +moisturize a lot!
Travel Destinations: Paris, London, New York.  Though I’d love to get there, I’d rather go to Bratislava,in Slovakia . It’s a wonderful little town, but it is full of history and you can always find something to see or do.
Food/dish to try: Rice noodles are my favorite at this time, but my all time favorite is chicken in coconut sauce<3
Book to read: Eat,Pray,Love by Elizabeth Gilbert seems to be like an awesome read for any woman . It teaches that we should not only follow a man, but to say yes to what we desire for ourselves and find a way to heal any wounds we’ve developed over time.
Movie to see: Love and other drugs! It’s the last movie I saw and it has a very nice theme,rather cliché though, but the two act amazingly together. Another movie I’d love to recommend (hope no one is mad that I’ve taken the liberty to add one more to almost each category) is The Illusionist , with Edward Norton and Jessica Biel. It’s my all-time favorite and I’ve seen it more than a dozen times.Looks like I’m a sucker for a little mystery and romance.
About Me: I’m spontaneous , too spontaneous. I adore dancing, but I never do it well in public. I love writing stories.

*Find out who will be out next fashion blogger next Wednesday, March 30th!

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